STN200P Series

Sterile Pair Packed Nitrile Gloves USP 797 & 800 Compliant
STN200P Series

Glove, Nitrile 12″ – Class 100, Ambidextrous, Pair Packed – Sterile, USP 797 & 800

Techniglove’s new Latex Free and Powder Free STN200P Series meets requirements for USP 797 & 800 and are tested per ASTM D6978-05 for use with Chemotherapy Drug Applications.

The sterile (gamma irradiated) STN200P is L/R pair-packed, one pair per wallet. This ambidextrous glove is offered in 6 sizes and provides the comfort, fit and feel of nitrile with a significant cost savings over hand specific versions. Each pack is clearly labeled as ASTM-tested chemotherapy gloves, and lot numbers and expiration dates are displayed on all levels of packaging and Certificate of Sterility is provided both with product shipment and online. Microtextured fingertips allow for excellent grip and ease of double gloving, while the 12” length protects the writs and forearm.


Technical Properties

Particle Levels Class M3.5 (100)< 3000 total particle/cm2 > 0.5um IEST- RP-CC005.2 Method
Flouride< 0.05 ug/cm2
Chloride< 3.0 ug/cm2
Nitrite< 0.05 ug/cm2
Nitrate< 3.00 ug/cm2
Phosphate< 0.05 ug/cm2
Sulphate< 3.00 ug/cm2
Total NVR (DI Water)< 8.00 ug/cm2
ESD PropertiesAt 50-60% Humidity
Surface Resistivity<1010 ohm/square per ESD-S11.11
Static Decay< .5 seconds per RETS-5-003
Cert of ConformanceAvailable on request
Cert of SterilityAvailable on request

Physical Properties

Length12" (300mm)
Thickness5 mil (0.005")
Grip SurfaceMicrotextured Fingertips
Tensile Strength>12.5 MPa
Elongation at break (%):>500

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Other Specs

Sterile Gloves are Clean packed 1 pair per inner wallet, 50 pair per bag, 4 bags per case, 200 pair per case.

All TechNiGlove products are manufactured in ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facilities.