RVCR Series – Class 100

Soft Modulus, Accelerator Free, Powder Free Nitrile Gloves For Controlled Environments
RVCR Series – Class 100

Glove, Nitrile, 12″ – Class 100 – Accelerator Free

Rival CR’s new soft modulus nitrile delivers the fit and feel of latex for the ultimate stretch and comfort. Suitable for cleanroom, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturing.

Available Sizes
12" 9.5"


Particle Levels Class M3.5 (100)<2500 total particle/cm2 > 0.5um
IEST- RP-CC005.2 Method
Flouride< 0.05 ug/cm2
Chloride< 1.5 ug/cm2
Nitrite< 0.05 ug/cm2
Nitrate< 1.00 ug/cm2
Phosphate< 0.05 ug/cm2
Sulphate< 1.00 ug/cm2
Total NVR (DI Water)< 5.00 ug/cm2
ESD PropertiesAt 50-60% Humidity
Surface Resistivity<1010 ohm/square per ESD-S11.11
Static Decay< .5 seconds per RETS-5-003
Cert of ConformanceAvailable on request

Physical Properties

Length12" (300mm)
Thickness4mil (0.004")
Grip SurfaceMicrotextured Fingertips
Tensile Strength>14 mPa minimum
Elongation at break (%):>650 minimum

RVCR1500X-SMALL14 lbs.
RVCR1501SMALL17 lbs.
RVCR1502MEDIUM18 lbs.
RVCR1503LARGE18 lbs.
RVCR1504X-LARGE21 lbs.
RVCR1505XX-LARGE22 lbs.

Other Specs

Packaged 100 gloves per pack, 10 packs per case. Case Size: 10.5"x13"x12".

All TechNiGlove products are manufactured in ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified facilities.