TN8000B (Industrial Grade)

XGlove 8 Mil Thick Nitrile Gloves
TN8000B (Industrial Grade)

Glove, Nitrile 9.5″ – 8 Mil – X Glove

TechNiGlove 9.5″ 8 mil thick powder free nitrile gloves provide two times the puncture resistance of ordinary gloves.

Available Size


XGlove Compliance

OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogens Standard:Meets or exceeds the standard for Occupational Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens 29 CFR 1910,1030.
OSHA’s Final Rule for Personal Protective Equipment:Recommended for many applications where PPE is required and complies with 29 CFR 1910.132
NFPA 1999 Requirements:Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 1999 Standard on Protective Clothing for Emergency Medical Operations.
Food & Pharmaceutical Use:Gloves are manufactured using only the materials and levels of materials that are listed in 21 CFR, parts 170-199.
CE Trademark:Registered
MSPA 1999:Comply with and meet and/or exceed requirements of manufacturing and performance.
ASTM D3578:Meet and/or exceed ASTM D3578 testing requirements. However, the ASTM D3578-01 pertains only to natural rubber latex gloves and ASTM D5250 pertains only to vinyl gloves.
Hypoallergenic:100% nitrile and contain NO natural rubber proteins. Meet and/or exceed the Modified Draize Testing.

Technical Properties

Particle Levels Class M3.5 (100)<3000 total particle/cm2 > 0.5um
IEST- RP-CC005.2 Method
Flouride< 0.05 ug/cm2
Chloride< 3.0 ug/cm2
Nitrite< 0.05 ug/cm2
Nitrate< 3.00 ug/cm2
Phosphate< 0.05 ug/cm2
Sulphate< 3.00 ug/cm2
Total NVR (DI Water)< 8.00 ug/cm2
ESD PropertiesAt 50-60% Humidity
Surface Resistivity<1010 ohm/square per ESD-S11.11
Static Decay< .5 seconds per RETS-5-003
Cert of ConformanceAvailable on request

Physical Properties

Length9.5" (240mm)
Thickness8 mil
Grip SurfaceFully Textured

Ordering Information

TN8000BX-SMALL20 lbs.
TN8001BSMALL20 lbs.
TN8002BMEDIUM21 lbs.
TN8003BLARGE21 lbs.
TN8004BX-LARGE22 lbs.
TN8005BXX-LARGE22 lbs.

Other Specs

Packaged 50 gloves per box, 20 boxes per case.

All TechNiGlove products are manufactured in ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facilities.